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Celebrate the joy of Diwali with the wonderful collection of crackers from Standard’s Jubilee Gift Box. It has amazing 38 items to add sparkle to your home and hearts.

Jubilee Gift Box – 38 items- Content

1. Bobby Gold Sparklers – 7cm 1Box(10Pcs)

2. Bobby Crackling Sparklers – 7cm 1Box(10Pcs)

3. Chavi Gold Sparklers – 9cm 1Box(10Pcs)

4. 4 Colour Sparklers (Mixed) 1Box(10Pcs)

5. Green Colour Sparklers – 12cm 1Box(10Pcs)

6. Red Colour Sparklers – 12cm 1Box(10Pcs)

7. Jet Fountains 1Box(5Pcs)

8. Zamin Chakkars Asoka 1Box(10Pcs)

9. Red & Green Chakkars 1Box(10Pcs)

10. Twinkling star – 45cm 1Box(10Pcs)

11. Fire Pencils 1Box(5Pcs)

12. Rainbow Rockets 1Box(10Pcs)

13. Hydrogen Bomb Green 1Box(5Pcs)

14. 500/5 Hitler – 10cm 1Pkt(5Pcs)

15. 1000/5 Sparrow – 6.5cm 1Pkt(5Pcs)

16. Two Sound – 9cm 1Pkt(5Pcs)

17. 1000/28 Redfort Medium 1Pkt

18. 1000/28 Redfort Giant 1Pkt

19. Peacock Sure Shots – Big 1Pkt(10Pcs)

20. Peacock Sure Shots – Mini 1Pkt(10Pcs)

21. 100’s Bullet Fire Crackers 1Pkt

22. Bijili Crackres Striped 1Bag(50Pcs)

23. Assorted cartoons 1Bag

24. Whizz Serpents 2Pcs

25. Signal Lights 1Pc.

26. Golden Whistles Small 1Pc.

27. Seven Shots 1Pc.

28. Disco Flash 2Pcs

29. Mini Fountain – Red 2Pcs

30. Mini Fountain – Green 2Pcs

31. Mini Fountain – Silver 2Pcs

32. Mini Fountain – Gold 2Pcs

33. Mini Fountain – Purple 2Pcs

34. Colour Changing Butterfly 1Pc.

35. Butterfly Red 1Pc.

36. Butterfly Silver 1Pc.

37. Butterfly Red & Silver 1Pc.

38. Colour Smoke Foundation 1Box(5Pcs)

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Safety Tips

Diwali is a wonderful festival of lights that is celebrated with complete joy and excitement. Especially with the children, this festival is always a winner because of the crackers. However, the fun and peace of Diwali can be maintained only when all safety precautions are followed thoroughly. It is a must to take the utmost care with crackers. Here are few safety tips that will ensure that you have a safe and happy Diwali.

  1. Crackers are not meant to be played with by children.
  2. Adult supervision is MANDATORY for all crackers, especially outdoor sound crackers.
  3. Store crackers safely and keep them out of children’s reach. They are highly inflammable matter.
  4. Always keep a first aid kit handy with basic emergency supplies in case of any unforeseen fire accident.
  5. Dispose of used crackers safely. Do not throw them around giving access to children and animals.
  6. Read all instructions mentioned on the box or in the manual before using any pattasu and follow the instructions correctly.
  7. These people are advised to stay away from crackers; those with chronic lung disease, breathing difficulty or asthma, heart patients, people with cochlear implants, young babies and pregnant women.
  8. Keep a safe distance from ignited pattasu.
  9. Do not throw a lighted cracker from your hand. This is very dangerous to you and those around you. It may result in injury and fire accidents.
  10. Always wear footwear when lighting crackers and wash your hands with soap after handling crackers.
  11. Light crackers with cracker lighter sticks that come with a long hand grip.


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