Diwali is a festival of lights and joy. It is also one of the most famous Indian festivals that celebrate the triumph of lights over darkness. You will find that Diwali crackers are the highlight of the festival and it also the reason for being commonly celebrated by people of various religions and cultures. Apart from the holidays, sweets and delicious savouries, crackers are the hero of the festival.

Rockets are thrill showering Diwali crackers. There are different types of rockets that you will come across. Whistle rockets, soundless rockets, rockets that have a parachute, rockets that shoot up with a twist, etc. These crackers are fun to watch, especially for the children! You can choose the type of rocket crackers that you love the most and can take them home to add more excitement to your celebration.

Rocket crackers are best advised to be used by older kids (above 15 years of age) and by adults. They are not meant to be used by younger children because when not lit properly they can cause serious accidents. You can light them during the night or late evening to marvel at the sparkling trail they leave behind.

To light, a rocket cracker all that you need is an empty glass bottle filled with some sand or an empty tin filled with sand or stones. Place the stem of the rocket to stand erect inside the container and light the wick. The rocket will shoot off in no time! Always remember, you can enjoy Diwali to its best level along with the pattasu shows only if you are careful with them. Here are few safety tips you should look into while using rockets.

Maintain a safe distance from the cracker before and after lighting it.
Use a lighter that comes with a long hand grip, specifically designed to light crackers. Do not use incense sticks with short stems. They could result in injury.
Ensure the bottle or tin is made of metal or glass (inflammable matter). Do not use plastic or cardboard boxes to mount the rocket.
The container should stay upright (vertically). Ensure to provide support using stones or bricks on either side of the container. This is to make sure that it does not tilt to a horizontal position after lighting the rocket.
A horizontally positioned rocket is extremely DANGEROUS. Do not place the pattasu that way intentionally. It could result in serious injury to those around you and to the surroundings.
It is best to light rockets from the terrace or in an open ground.

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