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Crackers Online Chennai is a leading crackers prebook website to get your favorite crackers straight to your home. Crackers online chennai is an authorized dealer of Standard fireworks. You must visit our prebook pataka shop for discounts on crackers.

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Crackers Online Chennai also allows you to gift STANDARD FIRE crackers to your loved ones. Select a Gift box or customize your cart by adding crackers.  We will pack them at our shop nearest to your location and direct you either to pick up from our shop at your convenient time or you may opt for home delivery at no extra cost. We will deliver it right on time!

Crackersonlinechennai.com has the best diwali crackers early bird offers! We assure you that our crackers do not lack in quality and are of original STANDARD FIREWORKS from Sivakasi

Diwali also known as the festival of lights is celebrated by lighting lamps, decorating houses, wearing new clothes, sharing sweets and bursting a lot of crackers. But has anyone wondered why people burst STANDARD FIRE crackers during Deepavali?

There are numerous mythological stories behind bursting crackers. Each of these stories differ from region-to-region.

Did you know that a firecracker is a symbol of joy and merrymaking? The sound from firecrackers lets the people around you know about this auspicious occasion.The element of fire is known to purify things. Bursting firecrackers is a way to cleanse the negativity of any kind in life.

Fireworks are mostly used for entertainment purposes. Some crackers produce sound and light while others produce flames and sparks of different colours. Originally crackers were said to be invented in China to drive evil spirits away.

Improper use of fire crackers can be dangerous. You must get quality fireworks from a recognized and authorized dealer. You must always follow the safety precautions given on the box of every cracker.

Indians interpret the story and origins of Deepavali based on the part of India, they live.
In north India, people celebrate the return of King Ram to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana. People used to celebrate this by lighting rows and rows of clay lamps.

In South India people celebrate it as the day of Lord Krishna’s victory over the demon Narakasura.
However, In all interpretations, the festival of light marks the victory of good over evil.

Crackers online chennai boasts a wide variety of STANDARD FIRE WORKS crackers that cater to all ages. We have everything ranging from Sparklers, Flowerpots, walas, single sound crackers, bombs, rockets, comets, shots, fancy fireworks, chakkars to novel fireworks.

Here’s the list of exciting offers for you.

Certain varieties of STANDARD FIRE crackers like the Four coloured sparklers, Crackling Sparklers, Flower Pots big, Titan gift box, Lakshmi sound crackers, bijili, Tricolour fountains are very popular.

Here are some of our other best selling STANDARD FIRE crackers with our slashed prices.

1000 wala cracker price– ₹ 551

10,000 wala cracker price– ₹ 5522

5000 wala cracker price– ₹ 2760

28 redfort MEDIUM price- ₹ 22

Zamin chakkar big price– ₹ 107

In addition to the above, EARLY BIRD offers along with FREEBIES available for customers who prebook within 10 days of launching the website.

Our new addition is SAFETY STICK –₹20 — will be useful to light bursting crackers. Available only in our website.

Guns and Rolls are also available— search for these items and add in your cart

You can check the original Standard fireworks price list- 2019 here. We have been offering the lowest price among the online sellers for more than a decade.

Crackers online chennai is the best online pattaka shop to fulfill all your diwali needs as we are authorized by the manufacturers to sell STANDARD FIRE WORKS to customers online. We understand every customer’s need and that is why you can choose to pay us after the delivery by cash.

We believe in Customer satisfaction and we do all that we can to ensure that they get the best quality and quantity crackers.


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