Deepavali or Diwali is an Indian festival. It is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Newer Buddhists, and Jains. The festival marks the winning of light or darkness, good over bad and joy over sadness. It is also known as the ‘festival of lights’ for the same reason because communities celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps and bursting crackers. The crackers are the highlight to Diwali! Sweets and savories are also made at home and exchanged among families, relatives, and neighbours. Children await Diwali to get hold of the crackers that bring them fun.

There are various types of crackers. Nowadays, you will notice that Standard Crackers comes in all shapes and sizes. You have various colours from the crackers, sound and soundless crackers, crackers meant for children and walas that adults enjoy bursting etc. The crackers that children find more exciting is Fancy crackers. This is because they are easy to ignite and also a thrill to watch the sparkles that come with variety. Standard Fancy Crackers have varieties like electric stones, colour burst, traffic signal light, swastik wheel and much more. Each of this pattasu is different and exciting to watch. Yet, it definitely does not go without safety measures. Here are some safety tips to follow…

Fancy crackers can be used by children too (10 years and above), but not all of them. However, do not let them handle it by themselves. Adult supervision is advised.
Dress your children in comfortable clothing when lighting crackers. Do not let them wear shawls, flimsy clothes, full-length skirts or gowns, or materials and dresses that are easily prone to accidents.
Make sure they wear footwear always.
Ask them to wash hands with soap after lighting crackers.
Set their crackers igniting area spacious and free of obstacles. Provide them enough space to retrieve after lighting the wick.
Use lighters that come with a long hand grip, specially designed to burst crackers. Do not let them use small incense sticks.
If they are using a candle to ignite the lighter, make sure it is kept far away from the crackers.
Read all instructions about each cracker.
If any cracker requires a lot of space to move around on the ground, inform children about it and ask them to stay away.

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