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This box contains an assortment of 46 items.

    1. Bobby Gold Sparklers – 7cm 1Box(10Pcs)
    2. Bobby Crackling Sparklers – 7cm        1Box(10Pcs)
    3. Green Colour Sparklers – 12cm          1Box(10Pcs)
    4. Red Colour Sparklers – 12cm  1Box(10Pcs)
    5. 4 Colour Sparklers (Mixed) – 12cm    1Box(10Pcs)
    6. Gold Sparklers – 30cm            1Box(5Pcs)
    7. Crackling Sparklers – 30cm   1Box(5Pcs)
    8. Jet Fountains            1Box(5Pcs)
    9. Flower Pots Big Varnish        1Box(10Pcs)
    10. Zamin Chakkars Asoka         1Box(10Pcs)
    11. Red & Green Chakkars         1Box(10Pcs)
    12. Twinkling star – 45cm           1Box(10Pcs)
    13. Fire Pencils  1Box(5Pcs)
    14. Rainbow Rockets   1Box(10Pcs)
    15. Hydrogen Bomb Green       1Box(5Pcs)
    16. 500/5 Hitler – 10cm  1Pkt(5Pcs)
    17. 1000/5 Sparrow – 6.5cm      1Pkt(5Pcs)
    18. Two Sound – 9cm   1Pkt(5Pcs)
    19. 1000/28 Redfort Medium 1Pkt
    20. 1000/28 Redfort Giant        1Pkt
    21. 240/24 Redfort Asoka          1Pkt
    22. 100’s Bullet Fire Crackers   1Pkt
    23. Bijili Crackres Striped           1Bag(100Pcs)
    24. Assorted cartoons 1Bag(5Pcs)
    25. Whizz Serpents      2Pcs
    26. Peacock Sure Shots – Big      1Pkt(10Pcs)
    27. Peacock Sure Shots – Mini   1Pkt(10Pcs)
    28. Toy Bomb (5 Shots) 1Pkt
    29. Signal Lights 1Pc.
    30. Golden Whistles Small         1Pc.
    31. Colour Flash (Holi Special) 1Pc.
    32. Mine Of Serpents 1Pc.
    33. Shooting Star           1Pc.
    34. Mine of Serpents   1Pc.
    35. Cheers       1Pc.
    36. Colour Smoke Foundation 5Pcs
    37. Disco Flash   2Pcs
    38. Mini Fountain – Red 2Pcs
    39. Mini Fountain – Green         2Pcs
    40. Mini Fountain – Silver           2Pcs
    41. Mini Fountain – Gold            2Pcs
    42. Mini Fountain – Purple         2Pcs
    43. Colour Changing Butterfly 1Pc.
    44. Butterfly Red           1Pc.
    45. Butterfly Silver        1Pc.
    46. Butterfly Red & Silver           1Pc.


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Safety Tips

Diwali also called as the festival of lights is here. It brings joy to the hearts of the millions of Indians across the world. Bursting wide varieties of crackers is a norm during the season of Diwali and almost all families enjoy the patakas or pattasu.

Here we have listed a few tips for your safety.

  1. Patients suffering from chronic lung diseases should avoid pollution. Such patients should use masks when going out.
  2. People can wear earplugs to avoid the sounds from the loud pattakas.
  3. Young children should only be allowed to play with crackers in the presence of adults.
  4. Never hold a lit cracker as it may burst.
  5. Never wear loose fitting clothes.
  6. If your clothes catch fire, extinguish the fire by putting a blanket on the fire.
  7. Stock up on medicines as you may not get it on the day of Diwali.
  8. Keep a first aid kit handy.


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