The festival of Diwali is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartika which falls sometime during October or November. In India, Deepavali is celebrated for five consecutive days. Hindus regard it as a celebration of life and use this occasion to strengthen their family bonds and relationships.
The days are filled with all kinds of fire crackers of which the sound crackers stand out. These are widely bought by children who take delight in seeing them burst with loud noises that draw the other children out.

Sound crackers fill the day while the rockets and shots that lighten up the sky fill the night.
These come in many varieties like electric sound crackers, bombs and walas/ super strings that give continuous outbursts of sound.

Some of the popular sound crackers are Sparrow vedi, Peacock crackers, Thunder Bombs, Redfort Giant lar, Bullet Fire crackers.

Safety Tips for Sound crackers:
Read the safety measures carefully and follow as per the cracker catalogue says.
While igniting the crackers, always use an agarbathi or long stick candle.
As per Supreme Court’s order, try not to use crackers from 10.00 pm to 6 am.

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