Diwali or Deepavali is the one among most awaited festival in India. Much of its celebration is attributed to the excitement that all receive from bursting crackers of all kinds. It is widely celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Newer Buddhist communities. However, it does not restrict the thrill that it extends to call out other communities to join in. Almost every household is filled with the sparkle of lights and glimmer of crackers. Diwali, also known as ‘the festival of lights’, highlights the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and brings forth joy and happiness.

Diwali crackers are of various types. Sound and soundless crackers, crackers with a lot of sparkles and those as simple as a gun cracker. Although the Diwali pattasu is famous among people of all age groups, children are those who enjoy them the most.

Shots are the most attractive of crackers, and none can deny this. They indeed fill the sky with their showers of lights and sparkle. Again, they are of different types. You may find 7 shots that go one after the other 7 times and burst into a flower of lights in no time, 25 shots that are an absolute spectacle to watch, and much more. There are plentiful varieties to shots, but they are the best part of crackers without a doubt.

Here are few safety tips that you might want to remember while lighting shots.

Shots are crackers meant for adult use. We do not appreciate children handling it without proper adult supervision.
Please follow all instructions mentioned about the product before using it. Improper use of crackers can lead to accidents.
Use lighters that come with a long hand (specially designed to light crackers) grip to ignite the wick. Do not use small lighters or incense sticks.
Make sure the shot’s box or package is placed firmly on the ground, facing upwards or vertically.
To be on the safer side, provide support on either side of the box to prevent from toppling.
Shots are best to light from the terrace, a wide or open balcony without a roof on top, or from an open ground.
Be sure to move immediately once you notice the wick is on fire.
Also, remove any obstacle from the way on your retrieve path before you light the pattasu.

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