Diwali is an Indian festival that is celebrated with the maximum levels of excitement and joy by almost all communities. The spiritual and religious roots of Diwali or Deepavali stem from Hindu epics. Sikhs, Jains and Newer Buddhists also celebrate Diwali exclusively. However, this does not restrict other Indian communities from participating in their celebration. Diwali is also known as the ‘festival of lights’ that highlights the triumph of light over darkness, good over bad and joy over despair. Fireworks are burst throughout the season to signify this. Families also purchase new clothes, make sweets and savouries, exchange gifts, as a part of the Diwali celebration. It is a season of joy and fun.

Standard Fireworks are famous for their variety in Diwali fireworks. They have a wide range of Deepavali pattasu to pump up the celebration. Some crackers are exclusively meant for adults to handle, while some require minimal caution and kids can enjoy them. Novel fireworks are one such category that children can have fun with, under adult supervision though. Silver Twinkling: ropes that are lit and burn down with sparkles, 4 Colour Torches: that burn with coloured flames like a torch, etc., are few in this category. These are fireworks that young children will thoroughly love to hold and handle. But, safety measures go without saying for all fireworks. Here are few safety tips that you might want to consider…

Children above 5 years of age can handle Novel fireworks, however ONLY with adult supervision. It can turn out dangerous to leave them alone with these crackers. Especially with the candle flame around.
Dress children in appropriate and comfortable clothing while lighting crackers. Do not dress them in long skirts or gowns, flimsy clothing, materials that easily catch fire, long shawls, etc.
You can provide your kids with long gloves to prevent any sparkles or flames from touching their hands.
Wearing footwear while lighting fireworks is a MUST. This will prevent injury if they step onto any improperly disposed of firework.
Teach them to hold the firework away from their body, at full arm’s length.
DO NOT encourage children to run with a firework, wave, or throw an ignited cracker. This could result in serious injury to them and others around.
Ensure that they wash their hands with soap post handling crackers. Consuming any firework residue left in their hands is harmful.
Have a bucket of filled with water to dispose of used fireworks carefully. Make sure your children drop the used cracker inside the bucket and not anywhere out. This will put out the flame completely and prevent injury from stepping onto disposed of crackers.

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